Skyla Manawa Temaipi 13/10/07 - 13/6/08

Skyla Manawa Temaipi 13/10/07 - 13/6/08
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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Curse of Friday the 13th

Well another 13th of the month has just past us again. This time it was friday the 13th again. I lost Skyla on Friday the 13th so as you can imagine it was a hard day for me. By 9pm that night my night turned into another bad friday the 13th.
I spent the day at playgroup with Jai and all the mums and bubs. Since having Jai i have met some wonderful girls and now each week we try meet up at ones house. On my way to stopped off at the shops to pick up a chicken for lunch. I also grabbed a drink from a drink machine. Put my money in and pressed number 12. What happens!! I get the drink from spot number 13!! Wrong number and wrong drink. Next i head to my friends place who lives at house number (you guessed it) 13! I also had to drive passed where we had a service for Skyla that they stuffed up big time (another story). Anyways we get to my friends place and have a lovely catch up with the girls. It was great seeing everyone again as it had been a while. Jai has had a cold pretty much the last 2-3 mths straight. Anyway we had lunch then noticed Jai felt a bit warm. took his temp and it wasnt really high. 37.8 Gave him some panadol and went home. The rest of the arvo he seem a bit wingy and was slowly getting hotter and hotter. By 8pm he was 39. I stripped him down to his nappy and gave ahim panadol. sat him downstairs with us. at 830pm he was on Blake and did a little shake which freaked us out a bit. i took him off Blake and sat him with me. We have a family history of febrile convulsions as i had 13 as a baby and Blake had 6 and Jai was yet to have one. Well come 9pm and he fitted. It scared the hell out of me. It was friday the 13th again. How can this happen. i thought i was gonna loose him too. His fit lasted about 7min. During it he started vomiting so i was worried about him choking. I called an ambulance but they didnt get here for about 17min. By the time they arrived he was still out of it and moaning. It took a lot out of him but luckily he was ok. We spent overnight in hospital and found no reason for his fever or fit. Hopefuly this will be his first and last as i really dont need anything else to happen to my kids. So as you can see i am cursed when it comes to friday the 13th!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Yes we are still ALIVE!!

Well i think this is well and truly long over due. Yes we are still ALIVE! We are all going ok. My little boy Jai turned 1 last month. I cant believe it, it has gone so so quick. It only feels like yesterday that we had our baby girl with us. We miss her terribly. Its still no easier. I cant believe it was 2yr on the 13th June that Skyla went to heaven. The days apart are going so quick yet my heart is still broken. People say time heals all wounds. Im sorry to say but that is not true. Well it isnt for me anyways. I just take it day by day and its my two beautiful boys that keep me going :) I love you Blake Skyla and Jai, xx

We finally picked out Skyla's Headstone and it is the most beautiful one i have ever seen. Nothing but the best for our princess. I hope you love it baby girl. It took us nearly two years to find the perfect one but i was glad we waited as it is perfect.

Blake is in yr 5 at school. He is off to Canberra on Monday for a overnight school excursion. He should have fun but it is freezing there. Hope he stays rugged up. Packing lots of warm clothes for him i will. Blake seems to be doing well at school and is still playing soccer on the weekends. This year he is playing goaly half games. Seems to be enjoying it. He is still loving his scooter and skateboards. Any chance he gets he wants to go to the skate park. Getting too cold now for that.

Jai has been walking since he was 10mths. Looking at him you would think he is already 2 or older even, LOL he is a big boy. Cheeky too. He loves his brother so much. They adore each other. I love watching them play together. I could sit and watch for hours. They just laugh and laugh. Jai is very cheeky too.

For Jai's birthday weekend we had lots of family come stay from New Zealand. It was so nice of the ones that could come and spend time with us. We had a big party for Jai at one of the parks near us. It was an awesome day with all our family and friends. Jai got some lovely presents. He got so spoilt. It was a bittersweet weekend as on the Sunday we unveiled Skyla's headstone. Its a big thing in New Zealand. Unveiling of a headstone. We did this on the same weekend so that family from NZ could be here for both. We also had family come from QLD and Melbourne. It was awesome everyone being here. Had a great weekend.

I also wanted to thank everyone who thought about Skyla on her 2yr anniversary. I was overwhelmed with all your love and support from everyone all over the world. I have never even met most of you yet u still thought about us. You are all amazing people. Thankyou so much. People lit candles, released balloons and even took photos. Thankyou so so much.

So many CDH babies have passed away lately. It is so sad. Its devastating that so many parents are going through what we went through. There have also been few survivors. You kids are amazing. We are so proud of all of you. Angels and survivors. All Angels are always in my heart, xxx

I wont bore you with anymore. I will let u enjoy looking at some pics over the last few months. I will try keep this updated but i spend most days on Facebook these days. You can add me as a friend if you like. There is a link on the right --