Skyla Manawa Temaipi 13/10/07 - 13/6/08

Skyla Manawa Temaipi 13/10/07 - 13/6/08
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Friday, October 31, 2008

Heaven gets another Beautiful Angel

Reese Renee Kostjuk30/10/07 - 30/10/08
Heaven recieved another beautiful Angel on 30th October 2008 at 3pm
Reese was taken to heaven on her first birthday. Born on 30th October 07 with CDH. Spent her whole life in hosptial. A fighter til the end. Please pray for her beautiful family at this sad time.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Blake is doing the Guard Of Honour for the Rugby League World Cup Australia vs New Zealand game

Just a quick note, i have some exciting news about Blake. Tonight is the opening ceremony of the Rugby League World Cup and Blake's rugby league team has been chosen to be in the Guard of Honour for the Australia vs New Zealand game. We are so excited. What an honour. I will try to take lots of photos and update whan i can. Dont know if they will show him on the TV but he will be wearing his Hurstville United clothes which are blue and white. Photos to come. Keep a look out for him. Im sure Blake's little sister will be looking down and will be so proud of her big brother.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Our Angel Is Watching Over Us

On Monday 13th October, Skyla's Birthday, my mum and dad went down to our holiday house as we are getting new tenants for the house. On the Tuesday 14th October they headed off into town to do a few erands. To get into town they have to drive on the highway. On there way, they were doing about 90km p/hr when all of a sudden a car coming the other way spun out of control doing about 100km p/hr and right into them. They had no time to move out of the way. The car was ridden off as was the other car. They were both ok, thank god. My dad seriously thought that that was it. Their time was up. He cant believe they escaped with no injuries. The other driver was a 23yr old who escaped serious injury too. They were so lucky. Thankyou bubba so much for watching over nanny and poppy. You really are our guardian angel. Love you hunny. Miss you so much. Love mummy

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Balloon Release Skyla's Ist Birthday


Your family Skyla, we miss you so much bubba. We love you. Happy Birthday Princess

Your family back in New Zealand Bubba, They love and and miss you

My cousin Karen's kids Aimee and Brendan from Perth WA releasing balloons for our angel. Thankyou

My friend Amanda releasing balloon for our princess, Thankyou

Jen, Ryan, Shane, Jens mum, a family friend and Skyla's best friend Matilda releasing balloons for our princess, Thanks guys

This balloon release is from Babies in the Sky friend Vicky and her beautiful Angel Aubrey, all the way from Crown point, Indiana USA. Thankyou so much

Monday, October 13, 2008


Today is your 1st Birthday SKYLA, how i wish it were different. We were meant to be having a beautiful party hunny, lots of presents, lots of fun and laughter, lots of babies and friends joining in on your special day. So far all mummy has done is shed tear after tear after tear. I miss you so much. I cant believe its already been 1 year. Its been 4mths since you left us. Thats already been half your life without us. Its not fair.
Yesterday we did a little balloon release for you at the cemetery because nanny, poppy, Aunty Tash and Zaya couldnt make it today. I hope you enjoyed your balloons. We were planning on coming out to see you today at 12pm but Blake has school today, 1st day back after the holidays so we will be coming to see you at about 4pm. Sorry we cant make it sooner. We will be bringing lots more balloons. I bet you and your little friends cant wait for more balloons. They are so much fun. Also some friends and family that couldnt make it have done there own balloon release just for you. I told them to take photos so mummy will put them up as i get them. You will love them. I hope that your friends and family have thrown you a big party in heaven my darling. I just wish we were there with you. I just want to hold you and kiss your beautiful face again. We are so sad without you. As i type this i can hardly see the computer through all mummys tears. Well i hope you have a good birthday today darling, im sure you will have lots of fun with your friends and i cant wait to see you when we get there. We love you baby girl. We miss you so much.

Happy 1st Birthday
We wish we could see your beautiful face
We wish you were here today
We would laugh, play and sing Happy Birthday
Tearing the wrapping paper off your toys
playing with all the girls and boys
Just learning to walk, we'd see
But all these things aren't meant to be
You're spending your birthday in heaven above
So, all we can do is send our love
Release some balloons, take flowers to your grave
To celebrate your birth and the life they couldn't save
Try and try as they may
You're not with us today
We hope heaven throws a party so grand
And helps us all to understand
Today as we recall your birth, we smile
And be happy you were with us for a while
A life short-lived, gone too soon
We sing "Happy Birthday" as we send a balloon
We send it up and far away
In hopes it reaches you today
For with it we send a wish with love
Have a Happy Birthday In Heaven Above...

author unknown

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Skyla's 1st Birthday, Balloon Release

In less than 1wk it will be my baby girls 1st birthday. Monday 13th October she should of been turning 1. I should be organizing a big beautiful party for her and buying her lots of beautiful presents. Its not fair. I miss her so much. The closer its getting to her birthday, the harder it seems to be. We have decided that we want to do a balloon release for Skyla. It will be on the 13th October at 12pm. It will be in the Karinya Children's section of Woronora Cemetery at Skyla's grave. As it is a Monday i know people may not be able to get the day off so feel free to come on Sunday if you like. We will be there about 1pm. To those people that are unable to attend, some people have mentioned that they might do their own little balloon release. I thought that was a fantastic idea. If you do that can you please take photos and send them through to my email please so i can put them up on the site. My email is . Thanks.