Skyla Manawa Temaipi 13/10/07 - 13/6/08

Skyla Manawa Temaipi 13/10/07 - 13/6/08
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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Extubated,VPap, Full feeds, Tummy time and Physio

3/12/07 We were finally extubated this morning and put straight on to Vpap. (the mask). She coped really well. Hopefully they wont rush us out of ICU to quick this time. This time they are only gonna give her tiny breaks off vpap just so she isnt pushed too hard too soon, which is great.

4/12/07 Early this morning about 1am my mum ended up taking my son to hospital as he was vomiting and gastric and in alot of pain. They sent him home saying it was gastro. So because of this i cant see him for a few days as if i do i wont be able to go near Skyla. It makes it very hard. He seemed alot better this afternoon mum says. Hopefully i will be able to see him soon. He will stay my mum for the rest of the week. He is already driving them crazy. HEHEHE. Skyla is up to 10.5mls per hour. We weighed her today. She has lost some weight. She was 2.15kg now she is 2.02kg. So tiny.

5/12/07 Today Skyla stared Physio as she is always clenching her fists and also she doesnt get out of her bed much so we have to start moving all her joints. She was pretty settled during that which was good. Feeds up to 11.8mls per hour. She had her first sit in her bouncer today. She looked so cute in it. The belt to hold her in pretty much covers her whole body. She was very settled. She was off Vpap today for about 1.5hrs. Coped well. Sats stayed between 95-100%. Before we put her back into her cot she had her first bit of tummy time. She nearlly rolled her self. She was lifting her head up. She is so strong. Today we had visits from the NSW cricket team, The guide dog association brought in a lab and a pug dog for the kids and we also had visits from a mermaid, Superman, fairy princess and someone dressed as a starwars character. Oh i forgot. She now only has a NG and a NJ tube in her nose and that is it. YAY! We can wear clothes now. Mind you they are all huge on her.

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treenz said...

gidday claire nd cuzn physh, ur babys such a fighta mus b her strong genes lol, ow thorts nd luv z bean sent thru ow harts 2 ow lil neice nd her famly mwahhhh

much luv whanau

da CHASE whanau