Skyla Manawa Temaipi 13/10/07 - 13/6/08

Skyla Manawa Temaipi 13/10/07 - 13/6/08
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Monday, March 17, 2008

LBO, Heart surgery to come

17/3/08 Today Skyla had her LBO. She came back ventilated and i was told that her right nostral was narrow but everything else was fine. She is currently in ICU. She came back to ICU on Saturday 15th march as she kept desating. The Drs seem to think now that they ruled out other problems with with the LBO, that it might be her heart that is causing her to desat all the time. Skyla has a small hole in her heart which may now have to be fixed. She is having a heart echo today and they will discuss it at a meeting tomorrow at a cardiac meeting. We will learn more then. If she does need this operation, this means open heart surgery for my little . She is so strong, i just hope she can keep fighting. If they can fix the heart and she comes through great then all we have left will be her cleft palate repair. At the momment she is on the vent , but she is fighting the sedation. She is immune to the morphine and midaz and its just not sedating her. The added in some presedix to see if that will help but if it doesnt they may have to just extubate her. The reason they are keeping her on it, is because her lungs are wet and very patchy at the momment. They are trying to rest her little lungs.

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