Skyla Manawa Temaipi 13/10/07 - 13/6/08

Skyla Manawa Temaipi 13/10/07 - 13/6/08
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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday my beautiful Angel


Today is my sweet baby girls 2nd Birthday!!! 13th October 2009 and here we are alone without our baby girl. Its been 16mths since we said goodbye. And not a day goes bye that i dont think about my beautiful sweet baby girl.

Today we went to the cemetery to wish her a happy 2nd birthday. on our way we stopped off to get some balloons and flowers for our princess. The sun was out but a bit windy too. We brought Jai's bumbo chair with us so we could get pics of him and Blake at Skyla's grave. He was such a good boy. All smiles he was. We sang her happy birthday and released some balloons.

Happy Birthday Princess, i hope you had a good day today. I hope you had a huge party in heaven with Lilly and all your angel friends. Did you like your balloons. Im sorry that your tinkerbell balloon didnt make it to you. You see the wind really picked up and blew it straight into a tree. I was so disappointed. When Jai let go of his balloon it didnt want to leave. It stayed down low for a while but then all of a sudden it just took off and was gone. We miss you and love you so much darlin. I hope you are happy and have found peace. Love mummy, daddy, Blake and Jai xoxoxoxox

~ Happy Birthday Angel ~

As we wake up in the morning
and your not here to see,
we grasp for some reality...
that our dreams can never be.

We'll bake a cake & buy balloons,
we'll burn a candle too.
We'll play your music, look at pictures
and shed some tears for you.

We'll imagine what the day would bring,
if only you weren't gone.
You'd run and laugh, and jump about,
we'd sing the birthday song.

You should be here today,
excited as can be...
Sifting through the toys and wrap,
bursting forth with glee...

But God had other plans for you,
these plans, we'll never know.
Today, the candle burns,
...with no tiny lips to blow.

We'll do our best to make it through,
this day we meet with dread.
We'll do this all for you, my love...
on this road of grief we tread.

So on this day... my baby girl
You're birthday number two...
your in our hearts and in our thoughts we send our love to you.

Sharon Kivisto 4/2/99

My Birthday In Heaven

You’re wondering if I’ll celebrate
My birthday (way up here)
I know you’re missing me today
I feel your essence near.

God planned a special day for me
He told me with a wink
He’d ordered me a special cake
(It’s Angel food, I think)

I’m getting lots of hugs from God
He’s really good at that
And every time that I walk by
He gives my head a pat

Balloons will fill the streets for me
They float up through the clouds
And we have lots of clowns up here
That make us laugh out loud

There is a birthday carousel
Jeweled horses ride the wind
With music playing oh so sweet…
The magic never ends

I’ve made so many friends, you see
We laugh and play and sing
We ride our bikes and play jump rope
And sleep in Angel’s wings

We’ll have our cake and ice cream
And open gifts, surprise!
But we don’t blow out our candles here
Instead, they light the skies

Sharon Kivisto 4/2/99


Missing Kasey said...

((hugs)) I hope you had a happy birthday sweet girl.

Jen said...

Happy 2nd Birthday Skyla! We think of you often sweet angel!!

Dotty said...

happy late birthday wishes, im so sorry she couldnt be here on earth to celebrate with you, i know she is watching over you. God Bless

Caroline said...

Happy 2nd birthday skyla! Beautiful poems and photos :0(

kivio said...

Hi, I just noticed you have a poem I wrote "Happy Birthday Angel" on your site and also another poem called "My Birthday in Heaven"

Your site is beautiful... I'm so sorry for your loss. Loosing a child is so hard :(

I wanted to let you know that the first poem IS written by me, but the 2nd one is NOT one of my poems. I did not write the one called "my Birthday in Heaven". I don;t know who did but it wasn't me :)

Thank you, and I sooo appreciate your adding my name to my poetry :)