Skyla Manawa Temaipi 13/10/07 - 13/6/08

Skyla Manawa Temaipi 13/10/07 - 13/6/08
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Friday, November 13, 2009

About time for an update

Well sorry i havent updated in a while. WOW how time flies. Jai is now 6mths and doing really well. Blake has finished playing soccer on Saturdays. He did really well for his first year at soccer. I am so proud of him. He is my soccer star.

We ended up moving house in September to a much nicer place. Living area is much bigger but a very small yard. Luckily we have the park just up the road.

On October 13th we celebrated Skyla's 2nd Birthday. It was a sad day but but we made it through. We just went to the cemetery and released some balloons. I couldnt believe it had be two years since i had her and 16mths since i seen her beautiful face and held her in my arms. I am starting to get upset as i am starting to forget the way she smelt and felt. It is starting to scare me. I dont want to forget these things and it hurts so damn much! I just want my baby girl here with me and for her to be healthy. But at the same time i know if i still had Skyla i wouldnt have my beautiful baby boy Jai. Jai and Blake are what help me to get bye. Without them who knows what i would do. I do know that Skyla is looking out for her brothers from up there in heaven. How lucky are they to have their own special Angel watching over them. And what a special Angel she is too.

That night of Skyla's birthday Blake went and stayed at my mums and i was home alone with Jai. Jai had been well but awoke at 12am screaming his lungs off. This went on for over an hour and i couldnt stop him. He had a temp of 39.9. I gave him medicine but the screaming was really scaring me so i decided to take him to the local hospital. We ended up staying there til 7 in the morning and was told he had a lung infection and given antibiotics and told to keep up with panadol. He got worse that day. Screaming and couldnt get his temp below 38.8 so decided to take him to the childrens hospital where Skyla was. They are the best there. They did a blood test and his white cell count was at 26. that is pretty high but they couldnt find the source of the infection. They decided he needed to have a lumbur puncture. It broke my heart but they had to rule out everything. He was such a brave boy. Mummy was more upset i think. We ended up being admitted and he started iv antibiotics. Still to this day we dont know what was wrong but he improved quickly. We stayed from wednesday to friday. He even got his photo with spiderman!! I was glad to be back home and out of the hospital

Since then Jai has started sitting up all by himself, rolling all over the place now. He weighs 9kg and is getting so tall. It wont be long before his crawling i think. God help me!! LOL

Blake has been going pretty good a t school but hating it as usual. He is playing cricket for sport and loving it!! He had a little halloween party. He had so much fun. All the kids looked amazing.

Now i am just trying to organise what to get the kids for Christmas. It is so hard trying to decide on what to get them. Blake is especially hard to buy for. What do you buy a 9yr old that has everything?

Off to see Britney Monday night. My sister got me a ticket, thanks Tash. Just hope it will be good. Apparently its been pretty bad. So many are walking out of her concerts saying it is terrible. Oh well, will find out soon i guess. We have good seating too. Diamond reserve!! Row A so i think we will be pretty close to her!

I will try and keep updates regular. I know i always say that but this time i will!! Hope everyone is doing ok. Thinking of all our cherubs and sadly there are now too many more Angels. All the new Angel mummys and daddys are in my thoughts and prayers. xxx

Pictures of my beautiful boys!!!

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Katie said...

Thanks for posting the pics. Your boys are beautiful! And what a sweet angel they have looking over them :)