Skyla Manawa Temaipi 13/10/07 - 13/6/08

Skyla Manawa Temaipi 13/10/07 - 13/6/08
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Thursday, January 31, 2008

operation cancelled again

31/1/08 Well tomorrow was meant to be her fundoplication and gastrostomy operation, but was once again cancelled because now skyla has wet lungs and pulmonary hypotension and the fact that she hasnt put any weight on. She still weighs 3.22kg. The dr said today that we will do the opeartion in a few weeks depending on her lungs and heart. She had a heart echo the other day which showed the hypotension and she still has a small VSD. It also showed her coarction of the aorta that was repaired still has a narrowing in it so she will eventually need another operation to inflate a balloon in there. At about 8mths the dr said. It is one thing after another. Its never ending. So atleast another 8wks in hospital i reckon. She was a bit unsettled today. She is still on cpap. A peep of 6 and in a ltr of oxygen. We took her off it this afternoon with no nose prongs and she sat on 97 to 100%. The funny thing is when on cpap she sits on 90 to 94% sats. (Work that one out) strange ay? We left her off for 1hr. She did really well. We put her back on before she started to work really hard. We had a visit from little George Cartwright, his twin brother Angus and there mum Alex. Alex bought me Blake and Skyla a present. It was so sweet of them. Skyla got a monkey toy rattle. It is so cute. George picked it out himself. Thankyou guys, Skyla loves it. I have been trying to upload pictures but for some reason the computer wont let me. Its really annoying me. Ill keep trying. So stay tuned for them.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kristy, Kym here( cousin from QLD), i have been keeping up to date with your blog, Motherhood wasnt meant to be like this hey?
hopefully she will be well and home with you soon, keep smiling.

I will have to come down and meet her one day soon.
take care

Anonymous said...

Dear Kristy and Joe
Just to let you both know we are thinking of you as new challenges slow down your journey to get your lovely little Skyla well and home.
Will catch up with you Kristy next week some time (hope you are feeling better in yourself).
Midwife kate

Tina said...

Hi kristy, tina here, just letting you know that I've been keeping myself updated with skyla's progress and what you, joe, and blake are going through. It must be hard for you all at times but focusing on the positives will give you the strength. By the looks of it your little angel has proven her strength all the way through. She's a little fighter alright. I just wanted to let you all know that your in my thoughts and prayers and the waaka whanau sends you aroha and best wishes.

Take care