Skyla Manawa Temaipi 13/10/07 - 13/6/08

Skyla Manawa Temaipi 13/10/07 - 13/6/08
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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Not a good few days

22/2/08 I came down this morning and Skyla was still very unsettled. At 1pm the Drs decided to start her on some phenebarb to relax her a bit. This seemed to work really well. She had a good rest which was great. We took out her NG tube today. YAY, finally no more tubes in her nose. Its the first time ever without a tube in her nose. Its only taken nearly 19wks. Look everyone, no tubes

23/2/08 Skyla had a few desating episodes throughout the morning. We decided to take her off the cpap today. She was so happy. She was even smiling. It was good to see. She stayed awake for a bit then decided to go to sleep. She slept for about 3 hours. She just had the blow over of oxygen til she woke up then we put the nose prongs on her. They started putting gastrolite down her gastrostomy tube today. She coped really well, and absorbed it. Tomorrow they will start her back on her formula. She is on Elecare 30cal. I spoke to the head of ICU today and he thinks we are gonna be in hospital for at least another few months or maybe even longer. So the way we are going, we wont have our little home until she is probably 6 or 7mths old. Maybe even longer.

24/2/08 Skyla dropped her sats a few times today. 50% sats mind due. Her lips were blue. They had to give her some Midaz to calm her down today. It worked instantly. One minute she was crying and the next she was quiet and floppy. It scared me cause i didn't think it would work instantly, but it did. She was put back on cpap again. Skyla started back on her feeds today. 5ml to begin with then increase by a ml every hour. Hopefully she will be at full feeds soon so that we can have her central line taken out. I them cause she always gets infections from them. So hopefully it will be out in a day or two.

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