Skyla Manawa Temaipi 13/10/07 - 13/6/08

Skyla Manawa Temaipi 13/10/07 - 13/6/08
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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Countdown Is On, A little scare and a NAME!!

Wow, i am getting so close to meeting my little man. Only 9 more sleeps. I am booked for c-section on the 7th May. We have also decided on a name. His name will be


The 7th May also marks 1 year from when SKYLA had 3 cardiac arrests in 24hrs. They told me that day she wouldnt survive the night. I really tried to not have him this day but i didnt have any other choice but too. Or unless i wanted to have him on the 14th May. That would have made me nearly 41wks and there was no way i was going to go over. I am anxious enough as it is. So now that i am booked for the 7th, as hard as it is going to be i will try and make a happy day out of a sad. He may even decide to come on his own in the meantime. I guess i am going to be very emotional no matter when i have him anyways, Not having my little girl here with us. I miss her so so much. It is still so hard. I love you SKYLA and miss ya bubba but i know you are looking out for your little brother. Thanks darlin.

I had a little scare yesterday. I woke up at 430am and couldnt go back to sleep. At about 830am i was starting to worry as i didnt think i had felt him move. I got myself worked up so i rang the hospital. They told me to come in so they could put the monitor on him. After about 30min of monitoring him they werent really happy with it as they didnt see any spike in his heartrate and i still wasnt really feeling any movements. His heartbeat was fine though. They gave me some apple juice and got me to lay on my side. After that he decided to put on a performance and they were happy with what they saw. Cheeky little bugger he is already. Also too i have been really stressing out lately as it is getting close. I guess its only normal after loosing my beautiful girl. I wonder at times if its all in my head. I just want little Jai out now and safe in my arms. I cant wait to meet him. Anyways after he put on a little show they sent me home which was great. They gave me a kick chart so i can keep track of his movements.

On thursday 30th i have my next checkup and then Friday i have my pre-admission appointment. I will let you all know how it goes.


Dotty said...

as always, our thoughts and prayers are with you and baby Jai:)tell him the 5th of may sounds like a good day:). hang in there momma, its nearly over. he will be here soon.

Gillian Brown said...


Time is flying by - cant wait to see your new little man Jai!!I'll be stalking your blog!!I felt like you towards the end,you just want it allover and done with and your baby in your arms.I'm sure all will go great - Take care and i'll be thinking of you on th Gil & Co xx