Skyla Manawa Temaipi 13/10/07 - 13/6/08

Skyla Manawa Temaipi 13/10/07 - 13/6/08
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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ventilated Again

16/4/08 Skyla had a hard day today trying to keep her sats up. At 8am she dropped them to 60% and had to be bagged. The Drs got her back up but her sats dropped down to the high 70s low 80s. She was on 100% oxygen. This went on for a little while then they decided they would ventilate her. As soon as they came over to intubate her she bought her sats back up to 90. She must have known what was about to happen. At about 2pm, she started to cough heaps and as the nurse went in for a suction, she just dropped. Down to the 50s. They bagged her but couldnt get them above 70%. It was time to intubate her. The went to intubate her orally first but as they did it she wasnt quite paralysed enough which then cause her heart rate to drop into the 50s. They had to give her adrenalin and perform CPR on her again. They did chest compressions for about 20 seconds then she was fine again. Once they intubated her through the mouth they swapped over to the nose. After it was all done i was allowed back in to see my beautiful little Skyla again. Back on the ventilator, her 5th time in 6mths. She was back on the midaz and a high infusion of morphine. Later on that night they put another central line in her neck again.
17/4/08 At about 2am Skyla became very unsettled. They bolused her heaps of morphine and midaz, they gave her diazapam, vallergan and chloral hydrate and she was still fighting. Her sats dropped to the low 80s and went blue and mottled. They ended up having to muscle relax her. This seemed to work. Today she had a really good day. Alot more settled, which was great. They did a ultrasound today just to make sure she hadnt reherniated again. She hadnt but they did notice a tiny defect on the right side of her diaphram. They arent concerned as the liver is right up against it so nothing can sneak through the hole as the liver is blocking it. I was concerned that the liver would go through but they said there was no chance of that as the liver is a huge solid organ and the hole is tiny. Hopefully she has a great night tonight and is over the worst of the RSV. The photo of Skyla with the guys are some of the guys from Sydney Roosters Rugby League team.


Anonymous said...

Many Blessings to Skyla and you! im so sorry for all you and her are having to go thru, bless her heart she is a fighter! keep on fighting Skyla show everyone how strong you are! sending prayers with this post, thinking of yall!!
Zach's mommy

Gina said...

Skyla is always in our prayers. She is so tough and will get through this. We are always thinking about her.

(Wyatt's mom)