Skyla Manawa Temaipi 13/10/07 - 13/6/08

Skyla Manawa Temaipi 13/10/07 - 13/6/08
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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Our little princess

16/5/08 Today Skyla had a EEG done on her head. They just wanted to make sure that everything is ok and that there is nothing major going on. She kept waking up through it so it did take a little while to complete. She did eventually fall asleep after a little while. I was very nervous waiting for the results, they said they would be back at 4pm. Anyway the results came back and everything was fine thank god. One less thing to worry about for now. They Drs and nurses still cant believe how great she looks. One nurse said she must have 9 lives. My little girl isn't planning on going anywhere. She has fought this hard, defied the odds. She doesn't plan on giving up without a massive fight. She is a true battler. Keep fighting on my darling. We will get there in the end, it is going to take a few more months but the time will come when you will finally come home so we can be a family all together. We love you so much Skyla.


Vicki Jensen said...

Go Skyla Go! Boy, I was checking this blog so much this week waiting for an update. I'm so relieved that everything is going well and Skyla continues to fight on and get better. Keep it up Skyla! You can do it!
Vicki Jensen

Anonymous said...

So glad Skyla is feeling better - her fighting spirit is amazing. Thanks for the pics, she looks gorgeous.
Hugs from Alex

Darcy said...

I am so happy that Skyla is doing better. I too have been checking and am so relieved! She is so beautiful and obviously such a strong fighter.
Praise God!