Skyla Manawa Temaipi 13/10/07 - 13/6/08

Skyla Manawa Temaipi 13/10/07 - 13/6/08
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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Cleft Palate

22/11/07 Got another curve ball thrown at us today, but this one she has had since birth but was never picked up. My little girl has a cleft palate. I was giving her a cuddle today and she yawned and i thought i seen a hole. Told the Drs and they had a look. i was right, it was. What else will be thrown at us. Skyla has been through so much. This means more surgery for her. Luckily as far as the Drs can see, it is not a real bad one but i am waiting to see the specialists to come and have a look at her. Hopefully monday.

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