Skyla Manawa Temaipi 13/10/07 - 13/6/08

Skyla Manawa Temaipi 13/10/07 - 13/6/08
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Monday, November 19, 2007

Not quite ready

19/11/07 I got to the hospital at 9am this morning. Her pressure support was on 2 then turned down to zero. She was doing really well. They gave her some steroids to help her lungs. She lasted for about 4 hrs breathing all on her own with the tube still there, it just got too much for her and she started struggling a bit. They decided it best they wait til tomorrow and try again. So hopefully all goes well tomorrow, about 10am they reckon. They will give her some more steroids at 6am. They have the bubble cpap ready for her just incase she needs a bit of help. The surgeons came round today and have decided to start her EBM (milk) on wednesday morning. Just hope we have no more setbacks.

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